Roy Bayne (VIA 9202)


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I built my Cortina 1.6 Pinto based Merlin 2+2 in 1992.
It took two years of my ‘spare-time’ to complete.
It’s painted in a two-pack acrylic lowbake Peugeot ‘Conifer’ just a tad lighter than BRG.
The reconditioned but unmodified engine is now running on a four speed gearbox, a single Weber 34 ICH carburettor and a Bosch distributor.
The modified tan leather seats are from a Jaguar XJS.
Dunlop bolt-on wire wheels 13” x5.5J x offset22 (were possibly an optional extra on the original Ford Capri).
7” chrome Lucas badged headlamps.
The tan hood and spare wheel cover were from Bensons.
Black tonneau cover - modified - from a MGB. 
Wire spoke steering wheel from a 1959 Wolseley 1500.
Chrome petrol filler cap from a Jaguar XJ6.
Bonnet and boot hinges from Hillman Imps.
Triumph Dolomite gauges.
Stainless steel bumpers, grill and rear carrier.
August 2009 – VIA 9202 has been laid up in my garage for 12 years so I’m presently replacing front brake discs, calipers and hoses; rear brake shoes and cylinders; brake master cylinder; radiator, fan and hoses; tan leather seats and dark red carpets.  I’m also looking around for larger diameter wire wheels (and that’s becoming a problem I hadn’t anticipated).
In any event I hope to be on the road mid September 2009. 
The original ‘Build-Up’ and costing was published in WHICH KIT magazine 1992 - February and March issues.


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