Technical Section

    Some Technical Tips

    John's Jottings by John Winn
    Miller's windows by Bruce Miller
    A tale of woeful rear suspension
    Wind Deflector by David Daniels
    Building a Merlin by Andy Hogg
    Re-building a Merlin by Grahame Prior
    Engine Cooling by Alan Burgess

    Technical Section

    Over the years of building Merlins, many constructors have found new and interesting ways to overcome problems and to enhance their Merlins. We are thankful to some of our engineers who have not only shown extreme mental and manual dexterity and creative ingenuity, but who have then had time to sit down and write about their amazing feats.

    Here you will find an array of tips, hints and instructions that may just help you to overcome some adversity or give a gem of an idea for yet another change to that car which is never finished.

    We bring you the Merlin "Technical Section"...

    Overheating Problems by Bill Herrett
    Fitting a Tow Bar by Bill Herrett

    The Sump from Hell by Andy & Helen Bell
    "Of Oil Pipes & Timing Belts"
    (The Sequel to.., The Sump from Hell") by Andy & Helen Bell
    Hop Skip and Jump
    Merlin TF Rear Suspension Problem by Ray Stone
    Gas Rammed Bonnet Support by David Daniels
    Help with the Sierra based build by John Winn
    The first 2000 miles in my Merlin by John Winn
    Fiddling with my Merlin by John Winn
    A few Technical points by John Winn
    Winn Blows a Fuse by John Winn