Merlins at Shows

    Shows and Events that we support

    No Kit Car Calendar is complete without some element of Shows and Exhibitions were you can display your pride and joy, and even more importantly, renew friendships with other club members around a warm barbeque armed with little more than a bottle of Chianti and a corkscrew.

    Stoneleigh and Newark are two shows that probably top the charts on our annual list, but a not to the exclusion of other events around the counties.

    The "Running Board Rally" had become another annual favourite with many kit car clubs. Unfortunately, it is no longer on the calendar. Last year (2011) a similar event was attempted, but we didn't manage to participate. We'll let you know of future similar events.

    Donington has not been run for several years, but this year (2012) it was reincarnated and the Merlins were there!

    If you would like to write about or show any photos of your Merlin at a national or local show then please do send in your reports