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    May 2009

    Monday, 4th May. As I'm writing this, the Stoneleigh Show is just about finishing and, as usual, it was a great weekend. Unfortunately, some of us couldn't make it today, but there were 26 Merlins on show yesterday, my TF feeling very lonely as he was the only one! I'm sure in the very near future, someone will write a report on the whole show (please!!) but in the meantime here are the, unsorted and unedited, pictures that I took on Saturday evening and Sunday in between the beer and sausages.

    Go to the Notice Board for information on the Henley Running Board Rally and the August Bank Holiday weekend in Derbyshire

    November 2008

    Well, we've decided to have a bit of a tidy up and, as some of the items on the "What's New" page were 3 years old, it was thought it was time to clear out! But, don't panic, you can still refer to the old items here.

    So, what's new now? Well .... the open forum is back up and working - it would be nice to see more people taking advantage of it, hopefully time will tell. The member login no longer has a time limit, so you'll no longer get that that annoying 'access expired - please login again' message. (I hope!)

    Andy Hogg's finished his build and is on the road! You can read the final chapter here.

    Hopefully, we'll have a newsletter for you in the near future.

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